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New Korea: A Taste of the New Life

New Korea: A Taste of the New Life

A quick caption of the New Korea universe from CuteCathy on deviantart.

Full text below:

Tyler saw a familiar site on the way to his weekly trip to the grocery store. A family of four, a man his wife, their teenage daughter and young son, finished packing their things into their minivan. Before he knew it they pulled out infront of him, turn and drive in the opposite direction. Another neighbor gone, fleeing the town to safer havens. More people and more people were doing it everyday, and the once vibrant neighborhood slowly became a ghost town.
Tyler wasn’t clueless. He was the typical young, white, socially and politically conscious guy working in the suburbs right outside of Atlanta. He kept up with the news constantly and knew exactly what they were saying was happening up North, in cities like Philadelphia and New York. Large parts of the country are now under control of what is called New Korea, part of some sort of Korean takeover of the country. The news was calling it Colonization.
News from those areas was scarce. The remaining government of the United States was censoring all news out New Korea, desperately trying to control the narrative that they were still in control. No one from the major news organizations could even report what was going on the ground, they only covered New Korea from the distance. They speculated what state would be the next colonized, where people could go, and at times experts argue about what was going on behind the borders of New Korea. Was it prison camps, army massacres, or some other atrocity.
Tyler of course didn’t believe any of this. Of course there was a New Korea, but what difference does it make. The government just wanted to make it seem worse to retain power, of course they didn’t want the rule of the Koreans to be an attractive offer. He was sure that if Korea took over then life would go on as it always was, just under different rule, and really could it be any worse than it was before.
This lack of news bred a new breed of conspiracy theories that were even more laughable than the official explanation, led on by alleged accounts from New Korea. They argued that there are no prison camps, or really any invasion in the traditional sense. Instead something was placed into the water supply, and that something changed people. The same people later claimed that the entire population of the northeast United States was now mostly or entirely women, specifically Korean women. They backed it up with pictures of streets filled with nothing but Korean women, images of idol groups that they claimed were government agents, and video that allegedly showed those women hunting down stray men to “colonize”.
Tyler couldn’t believe that people believed any of those absurdities. A chemical that can turn anyone into a Korean woman, a secret plot to poison the water supply with said chemicals in order to occupy and take over the country. They could never provide any proof of these theories. The pictures could have been photoshops, or just staged pictures. Even the few videos people were sharing online that supposedly showed a colonization happening in real could have easily been faked with CGI. He was sure there was no way anyone could have believed such outlandish claims.
The craziest part is that he was wrong, more and more people believed in these theories as more and more “evidence” came to light. It got to the point where the government had to assure people the water is safe, and guards were assigned to the nearby water treatment plants.
These delusions led to a distrust of the local Korean community; people thought they were saboteurs or spies that might want to poison the water. These thoughts were sickening to Tyler. The local Koreans were proud members of the community, they owned several businesses, stores and restaurants in town, and to have almost everyone abandon them was wrong. Tyler was determined to help support them, and give into the fear the others felt.
“Hello again, Tyler, nice to see you again.” Hannah Park smiled from behind the counter, as Tyler entered the small locally owned grocery store. Hannah was a second generation Korean, born in America. She was young, around the same age as Tyler. In fact they went to school together. He was a frequent customer here partially due to his friendship with Hannah, and was very familiar with the place but today it felt different.
“Anything to support you, the business can’t be good now.” Tyler saw only a handful of people were in the store now, and oddly enough they were all young Korean girls. ‘It was odd that it was only girls, but they must be the only ones left now’ Tyler  thought to himself.
“Yeah hasn’t been great since this New Korea thing has went down. Now everyone is too afraid to shop here. They think I would turn them into a girl or something.” She burst out laughing. “I mean how crazy do you have to be.” She immediately calmed herself down, but  that is when he noticed the flag of New Korea behind her.
“Oh you notice that. You scared.” She teased him.
“Not at all.” He smiled back at her.
“Good.” She leans back more relaxed. “You know after this all started I hated New Korea for what it did. People were too scared to go shopping here, people started avoiding me in the streets, and I even got several threats. I wanted to support the United States where I lived my whole life, but the people make it so hard to. Now I just say screw it.“ She took a pause and stood up to do salute. “Hail New Korea!” She said almost too seriously before breaking down laughing again. “But seriously they treat us so much better. I don’t get threats, and they provide a good deal of business for our store.” She smiled.
“No I completely understand, I can’t stand the way things are going either. Honestly I would be ok with New Korea colonizing us, or whatever they call it, to make this madness stop.” He laughed playfully as Hannah’s eyes lit up.
“Well I heard from my contacts that it won’t be long before they make it here” she smiled and leaned in, “and you can help us acclimate people to the new regime.” Deep down this is what Tyler actually wanted, to be able to do good and help people. As Hannah continued to talk Tyler the other girls focus shifted to them.  They were all giggling and chattering with each other in Korean, clearly amused by what was happening.
“That sounds perfect he says, I would love to help people.”
“Great! We can start with these.” Hannah smiled as she bent down to pick up some flyers and a bottle of some sort of vitamin water. “These are made in New Korea, and we want to give people a taste of how good it would be live under our rule. You look pretty parched right now. You should try some! It’s really good!.” She said excitedly.
Tyler was never much for vitamin water, but if Hannah insists … “Ok I guess.”
He opened the bottle and begins chugging the water down. Immediately he recognized the taste as some sort of flowery, berry flavor. He felt a sudden warm sensation, and a strong pulsing force acting on his body. It felt strange, but not unpleasant. His thoughts began to blur as as new ideas entered the edges of his mind.
“This feels strange.“ He said, putting down the bottle for a moment to speak. The voice that came out was voice slightly but noticeably higher pitched, but this break didn’t last for long as he immediately felt an immense thirst for the rest of the drink.
“Come on you got to finish it, how else will you sell it to people.” Hannah smiled deviously, knowing that Tyler wasn’t aware of what was happening to him, and even if he was he wouldn’t believe it. ‘That is how Colonization always starts in places like this, gullible fools who don’t believe what they see, and practically step into it’ Hannah thought to herself. ‘Just like they taught us in class.’
Tyler continued drinking the vitamin water as Hannah spoke to him. He felt the force acting stronger around his whole body. Suddenly the warm pulsating force shifted to a jolt as all the hair on his body retracted and left his legs smooth and Tyler slightly chilly. A second jolt and his jeans shot up to shorts and his shirt shrunk to a small top and left his now smooth legs exposed to the air conditioned store. He shivered as he felt the cool air against his skin, a strange new sensation for someone who had never shaved his body before and barely wore shorts, let alone a top like what he found himself wearing now. He felt a compulsion to keep drinking, despite the obvious changes happening to him, his mind clouded by the thoughts of New Korea.  He felt another slight jolt as he took another gulp. This jolt was slightly less extreme, and caused his hands and fingers slim down and become more feminine. Each gulp of the drink leads to another jolt, each one less shocking than the last. The next gulp lead to the reshaping his hips, the next his thighs.
It felt so strange, but yet not unpleasant to have his body molded like this. It felt so good he barely even noticed it. He took another gulp and felt his face reorganize itself to be both more feminine and more Korean. Another gulp and his pale white skin slowly tanned ever so slightly, from his face down his whole body. Another gulp and his hair pops out and falls down past his shoulders. The sudden sensation of the the touch of the hair on his shoulders surprising him.
By that point the bottle has almost run completely empty, there couldn’t be more than too gulps left in it. He took his first gulp and nearly lost his balance as a pair of breasts suddenly appeared on his chest. He took the next gulp compulsively, as if he couldn’t survive if he didn’t. He felt relieved but disappointed as he forced it down, and didn’t feel the jolt he was expecting. He let a squeak out a few moments later, as his genitals are sucked up inside him finally making him into a her.
The new girl put down the now empty bottle suddenly relieved and refreshed and looks down at her new body, barely realizing anything was different at first. Then she looked down shocked at her new body. She reached down and felt it up and down to make sure it was real, before looking back up to Hannah with a shocked look on her face.  “Oh my god Hannah. What did you do to me? You mean those theories were right?”  She managed to say, in Korean. She gasped and wondered how she spoke that language. ‘How do I know Korean now?’ I never learnt it in school. Wait no time for that. Did Hannah know all along this would happen?’, the new girl thought back to the joke from earlier horrified at by how Hannah could be so mean.
“Hey, you asked for this. You wanted to be colonized.” Hannah laughed, now speaking in Korean that is perfectly understandable to Tyler. “Anyway I think I like you better this way. I am glad you decided to come around to New Korea. What is should your new name be, it can’t be Tyler that isn’t Korean at all. Hmm” She thought for a moment.
Tyler was seething with anger, not only was her whole world view turned upside down, her calm rationality lead her to this fate, but now she was a Korean girl, and her former friend was naming her and trying to take away the last of her old life?  ‘How could this even be possible’, she thought to herself, but those thoughts would not last for long. Her mind was soon clouded by new thoughts, thoughts about New Korea, about the new masters of this country, and the men that soon will come to claim her. The first thought to come to her mind is the fact that the drink was so tasty, and everyone has to taste it.
“How about Na-Eun?” Hannah smiled playfully, she certainly enjoyed the power she had over her old friend.
“Na-Eun. That sounds perfect for me.” she smiles, the anger fading away. She suddenly felt like it was right to just follow what Hannah was asking her. ”Thank you for the drink Hannah, I hope you have enough for everyone.”

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